Sebastian Zaunseder

Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Faculty of Information Technology

Title of Talk

“Non-contact blood pressure estimation by iPPG”

As the blood pressure maintains organ perfusion, it is of essential importance and the assessment of blood pressure belongs to the most frequent biomedical measurements. The common technique to assess blood pressure uses an inflatable cuff to yield intermittent blood pressure readings. Its simplicity – it can be used in non-clinical environments and by laymen – renders the technique extremely useful. As certain medical applications need more detailed information (e.g. a continuous instead of an intermittent assessment), other techniques are in use too. Invasive measurements define the gold standard. However, invasiveness is an obvious disadvantage and many alternatives have been devised.

Over the last years, imaging photoplethysmograhy (iPPG) has gained broad attention. iPPG derives vital parameters from videos. Current works also direct at blood pressure estimation by iPPG and thus non-contact blood pressure estimation.  This talk gives an overview on iPPG’s usage for blood pressure estimation. First, I will provide some physiological background on blood pressure and a survey on its assessment. Afterwards, I present current works on blood pressure estimation by iPPG. Finally, I will discuss the current state as well as future perspectives and requirements, respectively.

Speaker Bio

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Zaunseder received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from TU Dresden (TUD), Germany in 2011. Subsequently, he joined the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of TUD where he established the group Medical Sensing and Signal Processing. Since 2019, he is professor for Medical Engineering at FH Dortmund. His research interests cover novel sensing modalities and data processing including signal and image processing as well as machine learning.