Daniel Teichmann

SDU Health Informatics and Technology, The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, University of Southern Denmark

Title of Talk

“Unobtrusive acquisition of physiological signals based on electromagnetic and optical coupling: The dental treatment unit as an exemplary application scenario”

Speaker Bio

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Teichmann received the Dipl.-Ing. and Dr.-Ing. (Ph.D.) degrees in Electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany, in 2009 and 2015, respectively.

He had his postdoctoral education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, and was a Senior Principal Investigator at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany, for 5 years, where he was Head of the Lab for Medical Instrumentation.

Since 2020, he is Associate Professor (tenured) at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) where he explores methods for sensor and information fusion that allow to setup and tailor specialized medical systems dedicated to specific medical needs. This includes the design, building and testing of sensor devices as well as modelling and simulation of physiologic mechanisms in relation to hemodynamic signal modulation.